Employee Management Software

Advanced employee management software should allow to catalog the following information: personal data, company data, relatives, history, documents, equipment, qualifications, courses, certificates, knowledge, labor experience, contracts, salaries, fringe benefits, absences and holidays, delays, overtime hours, congratulations, warnings and sanctions.
Employee software should also allow to take a graphical control of the absences and holidays of the employees, by means of the allocation of a color to each absence type. A labor calendar should also be provided, in order to be able to calculate natural days and workable days of every time period.
A good Employee Management Software must feature a first class data management technology, that should allow to sort, group and filter the information by any field or combination of fields. Any combination of sorting, grouping or filtering should be visualized or printed in a report and also should be saved to disk in order to be recovered at any time.
This advanced data management technology should allow to view, for example, the employees grouped by work center and department, or by group and job, etc. The possibilities could be infinite.
Good employee management software should also allow data tables to be exported in Text, Html, XML and Excel formats. All program reports should also be saved to disk in PDF format.
Many companies fail to manage their employee’s information and many problems arise from this fact. For instance, controlling employees expiration dates is extremely important: contract expiration dates, certificates expiration dates, delivered materials expiration dates, etc. This is an important feature that your employee management software should definitely have.
Hope this tips will allow you chose the appropriate Employee Management Software for your company or small business

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