How to Test Website Speed and Improve Web Page Load Time

Do you experience the ill effects of moderate load times on your site? Odds are that in case you’re perusing this article you are! Slower than typical load speed is irritating and it could be costing you important movement.
How to Test Website Speed and Improve Web Page Load Time
How to Test Website Speed and Improve Web Page Load Time

It’s likewise a verifiable truth that Google considers a site page’s heap time as a positioning variable. Along these lines, numerous website admins and natural SEO experts utilize a variety of devices to help enhance site execution for their customers.

On the off chance that you have an ease back webpage and need to enhance its speed, this article will clarify how you can test your website speed, diminish your page stack time, and enhance your whole site’s execution.

What is Page Speed?

Page speed, or page stack time, is the time it takes to show the greater part of the substance contained inside a given page on your site. Page speed is here and there mixed up for “webpage speed,” which is a term used to gauge the general speed of a gathering of a site’s pages instead of only one. Site speed is imperative for enhancing singular page execution.

→ It’s imperative to streamline for both site and page speed for two essential reasons:

→ Quicker pages rank better in query items

How To Test Site & Page Speed

Luckily, there is a variety of sites that will test and break down your site’s speed and numerous will likewise offer recommendations on the most proficient method to settle issues and lift stack time.

1. Google PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights is a simple to-utilize device that helps settle normal page speed issues on both versatile and work area gadgets. With each recommended issue to address, Google supplies a connection to demonstrate to you proper methodologies to roll out the fundamental improvements to your site.

2. WebPageTest

While Google’s instrument is extraordinary for dissecting singular pages inside your site, WebPageTest is a device that will break down several pages and kick back a large group of details, including load time, time to first byte, and report fruition time. Look at Moz’s guide on utilizing WebPageTest to all the more likely decipher the information the apparatus gives.

Six Tips for Decreasing Webpage Load Time

Here are a few helpful approaches to expand your site’s page speed.

1. Compress Your Files

You can utilize programming, for example, GNU’s Gzip, to pack HTML, CSS, and JavaScript site documents that are bigger than 150 bytes. In the case of utilizing WordPress, there are a few modules that have Gzip abilities. Snap here to see all modules labeled with “gzip” on

2. Minify HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Contents and code that make up your site pages can definitely back off your heap time. By utilizing minification for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, web programs will have less work to do to show your substance. In the case of utilizing WordPress, W3 Total Cache is a ground-breaking module intended to upgrade your site execution with reserving.

3. Avoid Using Redirects

Diverting URLs backs off a page’s heap time, influencing guests to hold up longer than they ought to need to for the substance they’ve asked. In the event that you have a ton of site pages being diverted on your site, Moz has an incredible guide on the most proficient method to advance your sites diverts that you should use to tidy them up. A few devices to enable you to recognize your current sidetracks are the Google Chrome augmentation Redirect Path and this online Redirect Tracker.

4. Increase Server Response Time

A moderate site can frequently be credited to server reaction time. The more activity your site gets or, if your webpage is on a mutual server the more movement every one of the sites on that server get will perceptibly moderate your reaction time and page stack speed. Snap here to take in more about server reaction time and what should be possible about it if it’s moderate.

The individuals who attempt to run WordPress through a GoDaddy facilitating account know great exactly how moderate the server reaction time can be. So if this is transpiring, pause for a minute to peruse this article from WhatsWP for tips on the most proficient method to quicken WordPress stack speeds on Godaddy.

5. Utilize a Content Distribution Network

Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) are amass servers that store duplicates of your site and are utilized to convey your substance rapidly through topographically different server farms. Take in more about CDNs by going by CDN Reviews.

6. Optimize Your Images

Vast pictures, similar to ones taken with your cell phone, that are distributed on sites can regularly be several megabytes in the estimate. Without utilizing picture pressure, these photos can set aside some genuine opportunity to download to your PC – subsequently hauling out your heap time.

Similarly, as with the greater part of the previously mentioned tips for expanding site execution, there are numerous ways that you can advance your pictures. First off, you can utilize programming like PhotoShop to pack the picture measure without clearly risking the trustworthiness of the picture quality. WordPress clients can attempt modules like EWWW Image Optimizer and additionally Jetpack, which has an administration known as Photon that is equipped for picture speeding up.

Google as of late declared that they will utilize page speed on cell phones as a positioning component for all sites not long from now. This is something that ought to be considered important by all entrepreneurs and bloggers alike – particularly considering the monstrous, developing movement in portable use lately. You can read the whole article on this theme from Search Engine Land’s Barry Schwartz here.

In case you’re worried about your site’s versatile execution, there is another instrument from Google accessible at that will enable you to test how portable benevolent your site is crosswise over portable and work area gadgets.


In the event that your site is by all accounts running moderate for you, there’s a decent possibility that it’s working gradually for everybody attempting to see it. This can be a major issue that damages your notoriety, pesters would-be guests, and forestalls Google and other web indexes from positioning your webpage positively in related query items.

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